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Why become a REPS recognised Personal Trainer?

REPS is recognised in Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa, UAE, UK, USA.

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REPS Diploma in Personal Training

Passionate about helping others achieving their goals? Looking to improve people's lifestyles?

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International Qualification

MESA courses are internationally recognised through REPS in which you can Personal Train in 10 countries

Experienced Tutors

MESA tutors are Level 3 qualified with over 10 years experience within the industry


An opportunity to earn 3X more than the average Indian MBA

Ongoing Support

Once qualified, our support doesn't stop there. Our MESA counsellors will always be available for advise and support 24/7 365 days of the year

MultiFit Internship

MultiFit has 40 gyms across 3 countries, have the first chance to apply for a job once qualified

RPL Course

Opportunity to go straight to the final assessment without undertaking an entire qualification. 


REPS Diploma in Personal Training

3 months training program
  • 5 days a week programme
  • REPS recognised Tutors
  • 275 learning hours

REPS Group Excercise (Freestyle)

2 months training program
  • 5 days a week programme
  • REPS recognised Tutors
  • 160 face to face learning hours

REPS Recognition of Prior Learning

10 days training program
  • 5 days a week programme
  • REPS recognised Tutors
  • 30 learning hours

MESA L1 Functional Fitness

1 month training program
  • 4 weekends programme
  • REPS recognised Tutors
  • MESA Certificate


  • Throughout the course I was given feedback on areas in which I needed to improve which helped me prepare for my final exams. I can’t thank the tutors enough for their extra support and advice. I am now a qualified internationally personal trainer and it feels great.


    (MultiFit Wellness Pvt Ltd, REPS Personal Trainer)

  • MESA is a great way to develop your personal skills along with your education within health & fitness. I found MESA is a professional environment with experienced and dedicated tutors who have a great foundation in place. I am proud to say i was taught through MESA.


    (MultiFit Wellness Pvt Ltd, REPS Personal Trainer)

  • Coming from a corporate background I never imagined I would be pursuing a career within Personal Training.  MESA has helped build my confidence when working in one to one situations and I am still in touch with the MESA counsellors.


    (MultiFit Wellness Pvt Ltd, REPS Personal Trainer)

  • Education is one of the fundamental baselines towards success and money. As MESA righteously shouts that Knowledge is Power, you can grab the whole essence of it in the REPS L3 Course. Being in the Business side for the past 6 years, I felt it was very crucial to educate myself about exercise science to get a holistic view of the Fitness Industry. The course has been a splendid stepping stone towards my growth in fitness industry.


    (MultiFit Wellness Pvt Ltd, Business Development Manager)


Sally Jones


Sally Jones

Sally, counts her ability to influence an individual's well being, through personal training and coaching, as amongst her biggest achievements. She strongly believes that 'There is something out there that will work for you and that you will actually enjoy!' and to her it's Fitness.

Sandeepta Das

Head Of Business

Sandeepta Das

Being the General Manager- Operations India for MultiFit, Sandeepta has watched MultiFit grow from 8 to 32 fitness studios. He is parallelly spearheading MESA as the Business head, and has played an integral role in educating more than 350 students under his leadership.

Brent Wood Townend

Head Tutor/Assessor

Brent Wood Townend

A passionate and enthusiastic coach who strives to help each client / student reach their potential. Brent comes with 8 years experience within the health and fitness industry as a REPS Level 3 Certified PT, REPS Level 3 Sports Masseuse as well as a REPS Level 3 Tutor and Assessor.

Stu Dolman

Head Of IQA

Stu Dolman

Over the past 4 years, Stu has been teaching a variety of learners who come from many different backgrounds, some elite athletes and some complete novices to fitness. His aim as a tutor and assessor is to provide learners with a fun yet rewarding place of study.


Why should I join MESA?

MESA is a platform to help personal trainers and future personal trainers to develop their knowledge and understanding within all areas of becoming a successful personal trainer. The certificate allows students to practice as Personal Trainers in 10 Nations(Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa, UAE, UK, USA) thereby enabling them to gain extensive experience in the fitness industry.

We focus on both practical and theoretical aspects of Personal Training. Our tutors are REPS Certified Tutors & Assessors who have been delivering a number of courses for over 10 years with REPS. 


What is the experience of the MESA faculty?

Our faculty at MESA are a team of highly qualified tutors who would be delivering the syllabus of our courses to students. Our faculty at MESA have over 15 years of experience within the fitness industry as REPS Certified Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, Sports Masseuses and Teachers/Assessors within education. They are passionate about their subject and are always willing to guide and support the students throughout the course and after.


How do I register for a course? When does my course start?

You can find all our courses on ‘Our Courses’ tab at the top of this page. For each course you can see where the courses are held and what dates the courses take place. Once you pick your chosen course you can select a course start date from the drop-down menu.


  • PDA Approval – Certificate Of Authentication
  • REPS INDIA Recognition
  • Functional Fitness Area 2
  • Functional Fitness Area
  • MESA Class
  • MESA

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