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Start your career within the fitness industry.

Passionate about helping others achieving their goals? Looking to improve people's lifestyles?

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Experienced Tutors

Our tutors live and breathe fitness and have had successful careers as Personal Trainers.


An opportunity to earn 3X more than the average Indian MBA

Ongoing Support

Once you have qualified, our support doesn't stop there. Our team of MESA counsellors will always be available via phone or email for advise and support 24/7 365 days of the year.

MultiFit Internship

MultiFit has 40 gyms across 3 countries, have the first chance to apply for a job once qualified


Sally Jones


Sally Jones

Sally, counts her ability to influence an individual's well being, through personal training and coaching, as amongst her biggest achievements. She strongly believes that 'There is something out there that will work for you and that you will actually enjoy!' and to her it's Fitness.

Brent Wood Townend

Head Tutor - MESA & Head Coach - MultiFit

Brent Wood Townend

A passionate and enthusiastic coach who strives to help each client / student reach their potential. Brent comes with 8 years experience within the health and fitness industry as a Certified PT, Sports Masseuse, Football Coach ,Tutor and Assessor.

Praveen Prasad

MESA Counsellor

Praveen Prasad

Since being a young child Praveen has been involved within health and fitness. The very beginning, it was clear that he wanted to pursue a career in health and fitness during the time of school and college.

Snehal Mantgani

MESA Counsellor

Praveen Prasad

After graduating in physiotherapy, Snehal practised in the clinical physiotherapy field for 2 years including being a consultant in health wellness center in VLCC. Being…


What is the experience of the MESA faculty?

Our faculty at MESA are a team of tutors who would be delivering the syllabus of our courses to students. Our aim is to help each individual start their journey in fitness by passing on knowledge and information through their own experiences. They are passionate about their subject and are always willing to guide and support the students throughout the course and after. 

Can I change to a different course workshop?
Yes. If you are looking to do this please contact info@mesauk.com – a change of course fee may apply.
What do I need to bring with me?
Any course that you attend with MESA you will need to bring the following: Student diary with course timetable/information Pen/Pencil Student Diary Stopwatch/watch MESA Learner LAP


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