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Exercise and Immunity

With more advancement in technology, human lives are becoming more comfortable. But there’s another side as well, gadgets like smartphones, remote controls and iPods are reported to carry billions of bacteria which not only spread life-threatening disease but also hamper immune system to a great extent. Also lifestyle modification and increased physical stress weakens the immune system.  However daily exercise can keep stress-inducing hormones like cortisol in control.

It has been found in a research that individual those who daily dedicate 20 minutes for exercise have better immune response to disease-causing bacteria. Exercise is mandatory for optimal function of immune system also all other factors which strengthen it. However only exercise cannot be given complete responsibility to keep immunity at optimal state,  along with exercise a good nutritional strategy with enough rest should be incorporated to keep immunity in balanced state. Any factor out of exercise, nutrition and rest if not  addressed adequately can lead to hormonal imbalance and can cause  emotional and physical stress.

Natural supplementation like Ashwagandha have been found of great help in reducing physical stress. Also certain meditation technique if individual inculcate in his daily life routine can create a huge difference in his overall health. It is very important for every individual to exercise as it is inexpensive and can keep you away from diseases by boosting your immunity.

Coach, MESA

Pravin Prasad

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