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Is it possible to diagnose the root cause of symptoms in PCOS? Well, big yes to it. However, taking control over her health and environment, diet, lifestyle, emotional health, etc, makes huge difference on her physical and mental wellbeing. What is the ultimate Goal? That’s nothing but to re-establish hormonal balance by allowing endocrine system to work at its best. Choosing right kind of eating patterns and being physical active would suffice. Our main objective should be to reduce insulin levels and androgen levels to enhance ovulation& the good news is just a 5% of healthy fat loss can improve ovulation and thus becoming pregnant.

No pill is proved to be effective in giving complete relief with PCOS symptoms, but there are certain pills like birth control, metformin & spironolactone are commonly used.

Q. Any Precautions to be taken while your client is on birth control pills?

Ans. Medical reasons of taking this pill is to clear up the acne, regulating menstrual cycles and to reduce the possibility of endometrial, ovarian, cervical or liver cancers in later age. On the contrary, they also lower libido, increase B.P., cholesterol, blood sugars and insulin levels and cause mood swings. That’s why they are at risk of developing blood clots in the blood vessels. Apart from all this, there is a possibility of bone mineral density depletion and less of testosterone availability.

It is important that your client understands the side effects of the pills they are on during consultation process and accordingly give themselves sufficient time to progress through the fitness regimen. Avoid any sorts of high intensity workouts too soon, always use RPE measure while on endurance training and don’t allow them to go above 7, strength gains are anyways not much as testosterone spike is suppressed so progress diligently throughout the session, help them to recover well during sessions by assigning maximum rest periods, avoid high impact activities to reduce the chances of fractures and falls.

Q. Metmorphin & Exercise considerations – Give insight.

Ans. It might have an effect oninsulin regulation. Also,it might reduce the symptoms in type 2 diabetes/prevents development of diabetes, lowers B.P. and androgens levels, improves lipid profiles and promotes weight loss. The best things it would do is to increase chances of pregnancy by regulating menstruation and the worst thing can happen is decrease in levels of vitamin B12 and GI disturbances.

The regularcheck up for vitamin levels is must.

Q.  What are the points taken into consideration by PTs while client is on Metmorphin?

Ans. Lack in production of RBCs might affect the transportation of O2 towards working cells leading to weakness and fatigue, breathlessness and dizziness. Long term B12 deficiency might lead to balance issues while moving around. Depression can be noticed along with difficulty in learning new skills.

Low to moderate intensity endurance activities are recommend. PNF techniques under the guidance of physiotherapist help such clients to learn the skills required at a greater speed and would be more effective. Min. 2 days of strength training can be performed in case client wishes to do so by maintaining low to moderate intensity and going slow with instructions and teaching points during sessions. Use motivation strategies and follow up on the results regularly.

Q. Would eating healthy helps along with being active?

Ans. In PCOS, eating healthy not only boosts the self esteem but also reduces stress and improves mood. Choose right carbohydrates like whole grains, vegetables, legumes, fruits. Avoid dairy products, loads coconut oils in case you have any skin related problems. Make it a point that your clients go for at least 3 balanced meals per day, keeping I mind breakfast is must to keep metabolism at highest level. If your client keeping longer time between each meal ask her to snack on foods rich in omega 3, and low GI carbohydrates including good amount of fibres. Be smart while eating out – Choose baked or grilled or roasted items and whole wheat items by taking care of your portions, avoid too salty items. Avoid juices and caffeinated drinks as well as alcohol (one or less/day).

Keep it documented and follow!!

Do not give any room for unhealthy snacks in your kitchen. Keep workout cloths and accessories in view. Prepare your menu on every weekend and plan the shopping accordingly like, what grocery to buy, preparing some food such as cooking rice, keeping vegetables ready for use, make workout schedules on the calendar.

Snehal Mantgani

Coach, MESA

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