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Our Team

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

Co Founder

Sally, counts her ability to influence an individual’s well being, through personal training & coaching, as amongst her biggest achievements. She also strongly believes that…

Brent Wood-Townend

Head Tutor/Assessor

A passionate and enthusiastic coach who strives to help each client / student reach their potential. Brent comes with 8 years experience within the health…

Sandeepta Das

Head Of Business

Being the General Manager- Operations India for MultiFit, Sandeepta has watched MultiFit grow from 8 to 32 fitness studios. He is parallelly spearheading MESA as…

Stu Dolman

Head Tutor/Assessor

Over the past 4 years, Stu has been teaching a variety of learners who come from many different backgrounds, some elite athletes and some complete…

Praveen Prasad

Tutor / Assessor

Since being a young child Praveen has been involved within health and fitness. The very beginning, it was clear that he wanted to pursue a…

Tejaswini Pandit

Tutor / Assessor

Her first experiment with fitness began when she was 13. From being an overweight teen to a powerlifter and a pro bodybuilder Tej has overcome all odds…

Ishvar Iyer

MESA Counsellor

Ishvar Iyer’s passion for fitness started whilst pursuing a career as a professional cricket player. Unfortunately due to injury Ishvar’s dream was over which then led him…

Mohakk Sharma

Mohakk Sharma

Tutor / Assessor

After graduating in criminal law, Mohakk practised in the court of law and was a faculty in law in some reputed institutes. Having a sports…

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