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Our Team

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

Co Founder

Sally, counts her ability to influence an individual’s well being, through personal training & coaching, as amongst her biggest achievements. She also strongly believes that…

Brent Wood townend

Brent Wood Townend

Head Tutor - MESA & Head Coach - MultiFit

A passionate and enthusiastic coach who strives to help each client / student reach their potential. Brent comes with 8 years experience within the health…

Snehal Mantgani

Snehal Mantgani

MESA Counsellor

After graduating in physiotherapy, Snehal practised in the clinical physiotherapy field for 2 years including being a consultant in health wellness center in VLCC. Being…

Praveen Prasad

MESA Counsellor

Since being a young child Praveen has been involved within health and fitness. The very beginning, it was clear that he wanted to pursue a…

Ishvar Iyer

MESA Counsellor

Ishvar Iyer’s passion for fitness started whilst pursuing a career as a professional cricket player. Unfortunately due to injury Ishvar’s dream was over which then led him…


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