Finally the UK government announced that gyms across the UK can open from Saturday 25th July. Probably the greatest news we have had during 2020, a year which will certainly be remembered for years to come. With the government announcing the date, this sent gyms whether they were small boutique studios or large chains into operation Covid; making sure that the government guidelines were met throughout their facilities to ensure the health and safety of their members. No more showers, a booking system, temperature check upon arrival, turning up in your training kit, no towels on the gym floor, only minimum numbers allowed in the changing rooms and cleaning your own equipment after use, these are the new rules and regulations of most gyms across the country.

As a training provider delivering health and fitness courses across the UK, we have also had to ensure we meet government guidelines when using gym facilities to deliver our courses i.e the classroom must now be spaced out ensuring there is another distance between the tutor to student and also between student to student. When using the gym floor we need to make sure members of that facility are still able to have enough room to walk past or use the equipment one down from ourselves.

Whats next? 

The great thing for the public eye is that we have finally seen the importance of gyms and what they do for us both mentally and physically. A question I keep coming across is: Will gyms slow down? Will gyms shut down? I personally don’t think so, I only see the health and fitness industry increasing as we have seen hundreds of thousands of people working out from home with only their bodyweight. The debate whether gyms should of opened before pubs and restaurants was one which split the nation in half but finally the green light has been given and 10 days later gyms are still going strong.

The important factor we need to consider now is health and safety in the gym environment, thousands of pounds have been budgeted from gyms to increase cleaning supplies ranging from bacterial sprays, wipes to blue roll and hand sanitiser so if you are reading this and you are a member of a gym please please please respect the environment you are working out in.

Its pretty simple really gym life with covid:
1. Respect each member
2. Follow the rules & regulations
3. Keep your area clean & tidy, wipe down each piece of kit after use
4. Use the booking system (if applicable)
5. Keep a safe distance whilst in the facility

Times are changing and we need to keep up with these times.

Brent Wood-Townend
Personal Trainer, Tutor & Assessor


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